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Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen hands over Aden hospital project

15 Oct

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen handed over the Aden General Hospital project in the governorate to the project’s operating company, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Saturday.

In continuation of the hospital’s procedures, the contract for its operation and management was signed in mid-August, in the presence of the director of the SDRPY’s office in Aden, Ahmed Madkhali, Director of the General Administration of Medical Projects for Al-Saad Group for Investment and Development Khaled Al-Dabash, and the Director of the Facilities Portfolio in the program, Mushabab Al-Qahtani.

Madkhali said the operating company for Aden General Hospital is Al-Saad Group for Investment and Development, and it is also the operator of Al-Salam Saudi Hospital in Saada, and the Saudi Hospital in Hajjah.

Madkhali added that from the first moment after signing a contract to operate and manage Aden General Hospital, the company operating the project set out to start preparing, in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities, in addition to contracting with the local teams to operate the hospital.

The two hospitals are among the largest projects established and operated by the Kingdom with medical teams that provide the best treatment and medical services, which helped facilitate the procedures for operating and managing Aden General Hospital, he said, adding that in the coming period, Yemeni citizens in various governorates will benefit from it.

Al-Dabash said that Aden General Hospital was equipped with the latest medical devices, including CT scans, magnetic and ultrasound scans, and cardiac catheterization, and hoped that the hospital would become a medical icon to be added to the chain of Saudi development support in Yemen, through SDRPY.

Al-Qahtani said the project contains 14 specific clinics, in addition to a heart center, eye, pediatric, dermatology, dental, ear and nose, larynx, orthopedic, internal medicine, reproductive health, and endoscopy and physiotherapy clinics.

Dr. Khaled Mousa, a consultant cardiologist, said: "Aden General Hospital was established as a gift from the Kingdom to the Yemeni people, and was funded by the Saudi Fund for Development, and it works to follow up its work, operate and manage the Saudi Program for Development and Reconstruction of Yemen, and it will provide a high-level service to Yemenis, especially since the hospital operating group is a pioneer in the field of medical work.”