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Saudi development program begins work on educational facilities in Aden

16 Sep

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen has laid the foundation stone for a new educational institution in Aden, aiming to provide access to a quality educational and training environment in the war-hit country.

The scheme includes the provision of 28 laboratories for the pharmacy and law faculties at the University of Aden, as well as offices, classrooms, study halls and a central library.

A criminal research laboratory being built at the law faculty will be the first of its kind in Yemen. Featuring a variety of forensic evidence and crime detection units, the facility will support the work of the country’s security services.

The laboratory will also provide training for forensic specialists as well as security cadres to help them develop their skills in the field of criminal investigations, criminology and forensic medicine.

The project is one of 224 development schemes and initiatives implemented by the Saudi program across several Yemeni governorates and covering the areas of education, health, water, energy, transport, agriculture and fisheries, and capacity building.